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NG: Solar Bolt by florfru NG: Solar Bolt by florfru
Universe B

Full Name: Solar Bolt Sentry

Last name: Solar, bolt

Species: Pegasus

Appearance: Bluish skin, golden eyes, dark blue and orange mane with some golden threads.

Relatives: Flash Sentry and Lightning Dust

Siblings: None

Cutie Mark: A sun with rays around

Talent: There is a lot of speed when flying

Personality: Sarcastic, suspicious, somewhat grumpy (rarely does he smile)

Defects: Can be very bad tempered sometimes

Story: (Time to improvise!)

After Twilight married Bic Mac, Flash felt a little disappointed, he really felt something for her, but at the same time was happy for her, Twilight just via Flash as a friend and Royal Guard, Flash decided he should be happy for Twilight , And find a new course. One day Rainbow Dash invited him to a Wonderbolts Tournament, Flash had no choice but accepted the request, after the tournament was over, Flash was reunited with Lightning Dust, he and Lightning Dust were friends since childhood, and after he became a Royal Guard, Flash never saw her again. Lightning Dust was very surprised to see Flash, she practically had a crush on him, but that was just she was small, Flash decided to talk more with Lightning Dust, after Flash became a real guard, she became a member of the Wonderbolts and did not see him anymore. Flash was very flattered to see it again, after a few months, Lightning felt she liked Flash much more, but not as a friend, Flash also felt it. After a few weeks, Flash asked Lightning Dust to marry, Lightning Dust was very flattered, and accepted, the wedding was very beautiful, Twilight was very happy for Flash, now he will also form a family. Lightning Dust and Flash were very happy these days, until Lightning Dust discovered that she was pregnant, Flash was very happy, he would be father, she would be mother, they would be parents! Flash was very excited about Lightning Dust's pregnancy, and after months, the baby was born. He was a pegasus, healthy and ready for many adventures (I will not say any more why this information goes to his BIO)

BIO: Solar Bolt is a very energetic pegasus, since he was very messy and messy, he always wanted to become a real guard, and be equal to his father, or maybe be a great flier like his mother. After he grew up, Solar Bolt became very popular among the Pegasus, he discovered that he did not want to become a Royal Guard, he preferred to be a member of the Wonderbolts, he has a certain rivalry with the son of Rainbow Dash: Cloudy Lightning, since They were foals they have this rivalry. Solar Bolt really is most of the day half closed and grumpy, rarely sees him smiling, most of the time he likes to fly and train some maneuvers in the sky, he does not like being in Ponyville much, he stays longer in Cloudsdale .

Fun Facts:

  • When little Solar Bolt had small wings, so it took time for him to learn how to fly.

  • He earned his mark in a race with Cloudy Lightning

  • He is allergic to flowers.

  • He is always sarcastic or ironic.

  • He is not very good at '' smiles ''

He really looked very handsome, it's really hard not to make new characters

Art and Solar Bolt by :iconflorfru:

MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
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