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Miraculous Ladybug ''Ponified'' Characthers by florfru Miraculous Ladybug ''Ponified'' Characthers by florfru
Finally finished! It took too long to do this, I needed a lot of inspiration to finish this (most of the time I'm lazy)

More Miraculous Ladybug!

Some characters from Miraculous that I decided to:

Chloé Bourgeois

Actually, I really liked how she got, well, she's one of the antagonists of the series, she's the most popular of all the girls at Marinnete School, and she's also the mayor's daughter, which gives her an advantage against everyone.

Alya Césaire

I like her a lot! Alya is Marinneta's best friend, she is a blogger and is a very Ladybug fan, she mostly does not like Chloe

Lila Rossi

My favorite Antagonist! I really love her, because she is Volpina (my favorite animal is Fox) and because I sincerely like her power to make illusions, well, she has a crush on Adrien more after Ladybug has ruined everything, Lila ( With the help of Hawk Moth) turned into the Volpina to defeat Ladybug and catch his miraculous, but eventually defeated.

Nathaniel Kurtzberg

I made him a pegasus, why? Well he reminds me a lot of Fluttershy, he has a crush on the marinnete, and also he is a designer / artist, I like him.

Juleka Couffaine

I really like the color of her hair, purple is my favorite color, well she is more closed with the feelings that the other classmates of the school.

I forgot to do the Nino Sweating a little... 

Surely I'll do a second part, but for now wait I am a dummy! 

Art by :iconflorfru:

All characters by Miraculous Ladybug Series

MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
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