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''Friendship is over...'' by florfru ''Friendship is over...'' by florfru
'' Finally, after a long time of fighting and revenge, I finally satisfied my father's desire, I did what you could not do for a long time ... '' Look at the mare on the ground '' You will be My key to the power of all Equestria, Did you really think you could defeat me? I have beaten all your friends and you do not have the elements, I have the magic of my Father, a magic much more powerful than any other in this land .. '' she starts to get closer to the mare '' As you are pathetic, It deserves a bit of chaos do not you think? '' Aurora snaps her paw's fingers and pegasus begins to turn gray. '' Starry Aura, I always knew that one day, '' Friendship Magic '' would end .. ''

Dramatic not? Well, I thought about that when I saw some Discorded Twilight images, and I decided to do it, well, let's explain:

In an Alternative Universe, Riddle was about to take the Throne of all Equestria but Aurora was very furious because she thought Riddle should not be the heir but she, so she did some kind of 'war' against Riddle, she decides Absorb all the Magic of Discord to become stronger and absorb the Elements of Harmony ... (with too much sleep to continue)

Well, I hope you like it I am a dummy! 

Art,Aurora and Starry Aura by :iconflorfru:

MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
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