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An unexpected encounter by florfru An unexpected encounter by florfru
(In Ponnyville)

Eris: .....

???: * runs past Eris and trumps her *

Eris: Hey! Do not know where to look?

???: Excuse me...

Eris: * look more closely at it * Solaris? What are you doing with this?

Solaris: * puts the hoof in her mouth * Shhhh, no one can know I'm here

Eris: Okay ....?

Solaris: Can we talk in a less crowded place?

Eris: Of course ...

(Slightly further away from Ponnyville Center)

Eris: So what are you doing here?

Solaris: Look, I was ...

Eris: ???

Solaris: .... following you

Eris: You what ?!

Solaris: I know it sounds crazy but, you know I'm feeling '' nice feelings '' for you ...

Eris: A good way to express yourself

Solaris: Can I Continue?

Eris: * insecure blush *

Solaris: And I do not want to '' choose '' a bride just because my parents want

Eris: * try to stop blushing * Solaris, look at me ... what am I?

Solaris: A Beautiful Mare

Eris: * blushing furiously * No! I am a Draconequus, and you are a Prince Alicorn of Equestria, I am rejected by all ponies, if I stayed with you I would ruin your reputation ...

Solaris: I do not care, I do not care what they're going to say, I just want to be happy with who I love

Eris: * blush * This is going to be harder than I thought ...

Solaris: * ironic look * Seriously?

Eris: Do not make me use hypnosis on you.

More DisLestia!

I really love both, it was NOT SO difficult to do both (note: I know the back legs of the Discord / Eris are changed)

Solaris was so cute (he's young in the picture, so the mane is not big)

I really think that Solaris (like any traditional prince) would have his parents make him choose a bride, but Solaris did not want to get married because of his parents, just out of love. Eris's feelings are a little messed up in the story above (Tsundere?) She really is very afraid of what others may think of her and Solaris.

I know the story is kind of bad (last minute story)

Art by :iconflorfru:

Solaris and Eris by :icontrotsworth:

MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
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