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AU: Decision by florfru AU: Decision by florfru
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Riddle: * walks down the castle aisle *

Shiny Shield: * Run up to him * Riddle!

Riddle: * look to her * Shiny! what's it? there's something wrong?

Shiny: No ... Riddle I need a big favor of yours ...

Riddle: Another? What is it this time?

Shiny: * sighs * I've decided that I will go to the Hallucination Universe ...

Riddle: YOU WHAT ?!

Shiny: I know this seems impossible, so I came to ask for help from you.

Riddle: Shiny Shield Armor you know full well that I can not do this! This can not be impossible, but it's wrong!

Shiny: Hey! Do not call me by the whole name! ... but that was my decision ...

Riddle: I do not even know why I did not tell my dad about it yet.

Shiny: And it's good that you did not tell him!

Riddle: But anyway he'll find out ...

Shiny: Please Riddle ... we are such friends, we always help each other, please ... I need your help ...

Riddle: * moan a little * ... okay ...

Shiny: * sighs relieved * Thank you so much Riddle! I do not even know how to thank you

Riddle: * the ears fall * .... are you coming back some day? ...

Shiny: Someday ...

Riddle: * uses magic and makes a portal *

Shiny: * look at Riddle's sad face * This is not a goodbye, we'll see each other some day ... * enter the portal *

Riddle: * sighs * ... good luck

Danisnotonfire: FEELS   Danisnotonfire: FEELS Danisnotonfire: FEELS 

Caution: This is an Alternative Universe from my Next Generation MLP, which features characters from the universe of DubstepicDJ

Caution: I really like both (Shiny X Blade) and they are Canon, but I also like Shiny X Hallucination, as the universe is Alternative, does not change anything in the current universe where they stay together and does not affect my Second Universe either .

Caution: Do not think too much about it or have a headache (it happened to me)

Who will probably do the next part :icondubstepicdj:

Art,Shiny Shield and Riddle by :iconflorfru:

MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
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